Classic Caricatures

Dex has been providing the classic art of Caricatures at parties for almost two decades.  He can draw guest super cute or extremely funny (all of it depends on the guest's preference).  His goal is to please the crowd, and make sure everyone has an opportunity for this unique experience. The entire time he's drawing, he's cracking jokes and making sure people are relaxed and entertained.


He was voted the third fastest Caricature artist in the world in 2015 by The International Society of Caricature Artist.  



  • $150 per hour
  • 20-25 faces an hour
  • Dex provides all supplies
  • Guest get a 11x14 sized paper with their caricature on it.
  • A complimentory sleeve to help protect the guest's custom art
  • Setup time - 15 minutes
  • Client provides 2 chairs, protection from the elements of weather, and sufficient light to see.

*Dex can provide color or themed drawings, but the number of people drawn goes down to 10 faces per hour

If you want to reserve this service please fill out this form or if you have any questions you can call him  or fill out the form below.

Ph: 513-884-3729

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